Avoid the Top 5 Remodeling Mistakes with These Tips

In our more than 16 years of experience in helping homeowners remodel their rooms, we have learned a lot on the job. We have been around long enough that many of our customers choose us to correct mistakes other contractors made, stalling or forever leaving the project incomplete. Look for the following tell-tale signs that you have a lousy contractor on your hands.

Ignoring Local Building Codes

Building codes and permits that certify you will work under these constraints ensure your project complies with zoning laws. No matter who does the work, a permit is necessary. If a project impacts the structural integrity of the house, you will need a permit. An example project includes remodeling a room in your home. Without a permit, you could face fines, and the future sale of your home could be blocked. Avoid these issues with a contractor who doesn’t skirt around getting a permit when necessary.

Not Including Flexibility in Your Budget

The unexpected can and will happen. From leak and old to corroded pipes and termite damage, there will be hidden problems lurking under the walls, floorboards, and ceiling that will impact your budget. Make sure there is some room in your budget to “plan for the unplannable.” An excellent general guideline is to set at least 10% of your budget aside to keep your project rolling. This increase may require to you lower the scale of your project. Make sure your contractor adds any changes to the contract. 

Cutting Corners to Save Money

Many contractors will shortchange the project you keep it under budget. Working with cheap materials is one way to lower costs while also lowering quality. Another way is hiring unlicensed subcontractors, a practice that could compromise the whole project. Cheap windows or door fixtures can compromise how well it maintains the heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. An unlicensed contractor may end up creating structural or electrical issues that cause you ongoing frustration.

Choosing a Bad Design

A poor design can end up being the most expensive mistake. A poorly designed addition ends up being an eyesore instead of complementing the overall design concept. A poor design could end up diminishing your home’s value and cost even more to repair or adjust it to be a better functioning room. 

The More For Less Remodeling team has licensed and insured contractors that help bring new opportunities to old homes while protecting you from these mistakes. Explore our project gallery or give us a call today at (314) 458-5592 for a quote on your project.