Benefits of a Second Master Bedroom

Who doesn’t love a master bedroom? A master bedroom offers a larger space for you and maybe a partner to get away from the rest of the house and do what you need to do. Even bathroom breaks are not a good enough reason for you to leave your master suite.

But what happens when your parents come to visit? How about if you want to create a self-contained section of the house?

These two situations and more can be some reasoning for a second Master Bedroom. Many homeowners have recently contracted the construction of an additional bathroom to create a second master bedroom.


Reasons to Have a Second Master Bedroom:

  • Difficulties Sleeping - As folks get older, there may be issues with snoring or early morning bathroom visits. Staying in the same bed can prevent your partner from getting the sleep they need.

  • Different Schedules - Many couples work different schedules. One person might work nights while the other has the day shift. Teachers, medical professionals, and others have wildly different time constraints. Having a separate space to get enough sleep in comfort is essential to your long term wellbeing.

  • Aging-in-Place - As you get older, there will be a growing need for handrails, support bars, and other measures to prolong your independent living. These considerations can go into the design of the second master bedroom making a space for you to move when you are ready.

  • Marketability - Even if you aren’t looking to live in your home as your mobility needs change, having these options in your house will drastically improve your ability to market it to a broader pool of potential buyers.

Practical Benefits of a Second Master Bedroom:

  • Visiting Family or Friend - Many folks choose a second master bedroom to accommodate visiting family members or friends who need a space to themselves.

  • Less than Guest House - Remodeling a current bedroom as opposed to adding on a guest house can end up saving you up to 25% of what you would have paid.

  • Care for Elderly Family Members - As parents or older siblings age, their needs change. If may be more economical to move them in with you to provide the care they need.

  • Extra Income - If you have an additional master bedroom, you could rent that space out as a side income. An attached bedroom will minimize the impact on the rest of your family.


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