How Can I Get Ready For A Bathroom Remodel?

A bathroom remodel is a major undertaking and can feel overwhelming, especially if you only have one bathroom. Even if you have more than one bathroom, a remodel can be stressful if it extends into multiple days. 

Here are eight things you can do to prepare for your remodel.

1. Create your budget

Having a solid budget planned out will help you to stay on track if unexpected occurrences arise. 

2. Pin down your design inspiration

Create an online scrapbook on Pinterest or a similar site or a scrapbook of images you've cut from magazines. 

3. Plan ahead for unexpected glitches

Glitches happen in most jobs. Plan in advance, particularly if you're working with only one bathroom. 

4. Be prepared for unique projects

If you have a unique project, a steam shower, for example, plan in advance with your contractor.

5. Decide on appropriate surfaces well in advance

Do you need a maintenance-free product? Porcelain may be your best bet. Stone needs to be sealed. If your surfaces are going to be made by an artisan, you need to plan to order it six to eight weeks out. Make sure everything is ready and at your home before the contractor arrives.

6. Invest in the best hardware you can afford

Your hardware will be the best investment you make as far as the beauty of your bathroom goes. Invest in the best you can afford.

7. Remove all objects

You don't want the delay of your contractors tripping over rugs or having to work around toothbrushes and shampoo bottles. Clear the area completely the day before the remodel starts.

8. Plan the flow of traffic

Decide in advance where everyone will park, which doors they'll enter through, and where your workers will eat lunch.

Keeping these steps in mind will ensure that you're off to the best possible start as you prepare for your bathroom remodel