How to Transition a Half Bath to a Full

Remodeling one or more of your bathrooms provides many benefits for you and your family. Not only can you enjoy tailored comfort and convenience how you want it while living in your home, but the resale value of your home will also improve.

Customers often ask us if it makes sense for them to transition their half bath or powder room into a full bath. There are some rooms more suited than others to this transition.

Read the following to get a better idea about the considerations for renovating your half bath into a full bath.

Repurpose Existing Plumbing

There is always the opportunity to start from scratch, tear everything out, and replan your room. It makes most financial sense to build off what you have already. You will need a drain at least 2 inches in diameter for the new shower, bathtub, or combo to remove water. If possible, tap into the existing plumbing for the room’s toilet which should be at least 3 inches.

Use the Corner

Installing full-size tubs or even showers is difficult with the standard space limitations. Try an acrylic shower pan to make the best use of your corner space. You can install the shower pan directly into the floor drain and the wall studs. Most builders will fit the shower pan on a shim or will mortar it to the floor.

Protect Your Floors and Walls

Natural stone or tile make safe choices to protect your walls and floors from moisture. You will also need a waterproofed layer to ensure no water seeps through to the studs or joists.

Certified Checks on Electrical Work

While adding the new bath or shower, you may also choose to update your lighting, vanity, or floor heating. Engage a licensed electrician to do the wiring as their certification will allow you to purchase home insurance and have valid warranties.

The design experts at More For Less Remodeling can help you plan for any bathroom transitions. Have questions about whether it makes sense to remodel your half bath? Give us a call today at (314) 458-5592.