Energy-Efficient Remodeling Tips

A couple plans their remodeling project inside a house that has plastic wrap on the walls mid-project.The pandemic has drastically changed the way we perceive our homes. During the months of lockdown, we have transformed our homes, turning kitchens into makeshift offices, bedrooms into gyms, and living rooms into cinemas. That’s why it isn’t surprising that the Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed home design and caused a 58% increase in remodeling projects

Incorporating energy efficiency solutions can offer you unparalleled returns when looking to renovate your property. Indeed, according to a National Association of Home Builder survey, sustainability upgrades can reduce your running costs by over $1,000 and increase your home value by nearly $9,000. Discover the best energy-efficient remodeling projects in this guide by MoreForLess.

Invest in Insulation

Over 40% of your utility costs are related to heating and cooling your home. These expenses might be unavoidable, but there is a lot you can do to lower them. Start by focusing on upgrading your home’s insulation to a higher Energy Star’s R-Value. This value refers to how well your windows and doors resist heat flow, thus regulating the indoor temperature. 

What’s more, a more adequate insulation system can:

  • Keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable level
  • Prevent drafts and leakages
  • Prevents condensation and related corrosion damage
  • Can soundproof your home
  • Can make your building more fire-resistant

Make the Most of Smart Devices

If you are looking to lower your impact on the environment, make your home more comfortable, and lower your utility costs, smart devices can help. For example, smart thermostats can help you avoid drastic temperature changes in the house, reduce heating costs by 12%, cut down heating expenses by 15%, and help you save more than $140 on your utility bills. 

Alongside smart thermostats, you can also use smart devices to better control the home’s energy use, light usage, and indoor air quality. And, with the right device, you can control all these variables from your smartphone!

Invest in Clean Energy Sources

While energy-efficient appliances can help you reduce your home’s running costs, you can more significantly reduce your environmental impact by transitioning towards clean and reusable energy. For example, you should consider investing in a solar panels array for your home and installing a solar water heating solution. 

While such energy systems come at a significant upfront cost, your household can save between $10,000 and $30,000 over the lifetime of the solar panel system. 

Focus on Improving Your HVAC System

Your home’s HVAC system is vital to help you create a comfortable and healthy home environment while regulating indoor air quality. Improving your HVAC ventilation can be an excellent minor energy efficiency upgrade, and you can do so by upgrading your HVAC appliances and properly upkeeping the system

Alternatively, you might consider investing in major upgrades such as a new HVAC system, HVAC zoning, or installing new fans and duct sealants. If it is within your budget, consider the benefits of investing in a geothermal HVAC system to lower your environmental impact even further. 

Make It a Whole-Home Effort

Making your property more energy-efficient through home renovations requires a holistic vision of what you will want the impact of your household on the environment to be. For example, if you are looking at using sustainable energy sources to lower utility costs, solar energy can help. 

Work with Experienced Contractors to Improve Your Home’s Efficiency While Remodeling

If you are striving towards an all-around low-impact lifestyle, you should consider the benefits of a total house remodel. In any case, partnering with an energy efficiency remodeling expert at More for Less Remodeling can help you better understand your needs. Rely on the training, certifications, and experience of the professionals at More for Less Remodeling for your next project. Give our team a call today.