How Can A Kitchen Remodel Add Home Value?


The kitchen is often called the heart of a home. In fact, this all-important room can make or break the sale of a property. However, remodeling projects aren't for the fainthearted, as they can involve substantial effort and financial spending.

The kitchen renovation process involves a great deal of skill and some degree of luck to finally transform that nonchalant and bland-looking kitchen into a space for years of culinary masterpieces and family chats. A successful kitchen renovation creates a beautiful and personalized interior space that tempts and lures you into spending some quality time there. Plus, after the renovation process, you will most likely fall in love with cooking, thus avoiding unhealthy takeaway meals.

In this post, we take a look at some popular kitchen upgrades and how they can boost your home's value without a major renovation. For more guidance from More for Less Remodeling, contact us now!

Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling

Can a kitchen remodel increase home value? Yes — if it's done right! Below are just a few of the benefits of remodeling your home's kitchen.

Great ROI

Remodeling kitchens work wonders toward increasing the overall market value of a particular home. A home that has granite countertops, oak cabinets, and the latest stoves and ovens will fetch top dollar at the markets as compared to homes with derelict-looking kitchens.

A 2012 study by the United Press International echoes these sentiments by declaring how kitchen remodeling jobs return up to 70% of their costs, as compared to bathroom remodeling jobs which only give returns of up to 52% of their original costs.

Higher Rental Sales

The ever-competitive nature of the real estate markets has prompted both homeowners and realtors alike to up the ante. Everyone is going for nothing short of perfection when choosing their holiday and vacation homes. For instance, with so many people choosing to put up their houses on AIR BNB, nothing stands to make them more money than heavily investing in kitchen remodeling projects. With a fine-tuned kitchen endowed with all the modern facilities and comforts, rest assured of increasing your rental business revenue and watch those positive reviews come pouring in.

Home Value Adding Pointers

Adding value to your home doesn't have to involve changing the entire layout. For example, new countertop materials can change the entire look and feel of a kitchen. Alternatively, giving kitchen walls a brand new coat of paint is highly recommended by kitchen remodeling experts. In fact, a simple and inexpensive paint job with a trendy color will raise the overall value of your property. Replacing countertops and floors and replacing the old and inefficient refrigerators, boilers, heaters, and microwaves are extra home-value-adding measures you can use to spruce up your kitchens before advertising your property.

For inspirational DIY ideas on how to turn a regular kitchen into an astonishingly efficient, safe, and gorgeous-looking cooking and dining space, consult our experienced professionals and designers.

There's plenty of lower-cost small modifications you can make even if you don't think a brand new kitchen makes sense for your home. Popular choices for contemporary kitchen remodels include:

  • new cabinet hardware

  • additional lighting or replacement of light fixtures

  • new kitchen sink/faucet and upgraded appliances

  • tile backsplash

Meanwhile, certain features like a pass-through window or vinyl wrapped cabinets can feel outdated and may need to be removed from your old kitchen. Be patient! Even if there's not major demolition and construction in your renovation, careful planning and prep work needs to be done for things like new cabinets and cabinet doors.

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