Remodel Your Bedroom with These 4 Easy Fixes

A remodeled master suite bedroom has a modern and open style.Your bedroom is your refuge from the world. When your work and social lives get crowded, and even your house feels too busy, your bedroom should be a place of peace for you. It is tough to spend almost a third of your life sleeping in a place that seems cramped or busy. 

If you feel like your bedroom needs remodeling, you are in luck. Bedroom projects are almost always much cheaper than bathroom or kitchen projects. Let’s go through some of your options to change up your sleeping and relaxing space.

1. Organize What You Have, Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

People tend to accumulate stuff. The first step for your bedroom makeover is to organize everything in there to see what you have. The next part of this process will be to get rid of what you don’t need, or as Marie Kondo would say, get rid of objects that “no longer spark joy.” If there are stacks of books by your bed, consider a shelf. Clear your closet of unused clothes and shoes and try to find a happy home for them.

2. Calm from the Corners - Paint it Your Way

Nothing changes a room more quickly than changing up its paint. If you have a trim, try to coordinate with the existing paint there. There are many different moods and palates for you to choose from when selecting your theme. Go for calm and warm or exciting and brilliant themes - try something new, and if you don’t love it, you can always add a new layer!

3. Bring in the Art

Your bedroom feels more comfortable with personal touches. Try adding art that your family made or art that resonates with you. Paintings, sculptures, or even crafts make for fun and nostalgic decorations for your room. Either keep it to a few so your room stays calm, or add several pieces of art to jazz up your space. 

4. Amp Up the Lights

Lights can transform a dark cave into a welcoming room. Choose lighter blinds to keep the natural light pouring into your room (plus that will save on electricity). A dimmer switch helps you control the amount of light you need at any given time. This way, you can adjust your lighting throughout the day and night. If you need more light, try area lamps. 

BONUS! 5. Go All Out by Converting to a Master Suite

Above are all the little tips and tricks to touch up your bedroom. If you are looking for a bigger change that will open up your possibilities and up your house’s resale value, consider converting your bedroom into a master suite. Forget walking down the hall or even downstairs to go to the toilet or shower in the morning when you have the comfort of a connected bathroom. 

Take Your Bedroom Remodeling to the Next Level

The options on this list allow you to change up your room without going crazy. If you are looking for bigger changes, such as a master suite, consider More for Less Remodeling. The expert design crew at More for Less Remodeling can help you find a plan that works with your budget to give you the master suite you’ve always wanted.