Renovation Tips When You are Expecting a Baby

A couple does some work on their house to prepare for their baby that is on the way.Pregnancy takes a lot out of you.

You probably have less time, energy, and physical ability for all of life’s demands. As a couple gets ready to become a family or a family gets ready to expand, many changes happen. Most expecting parents will want to bring some of these changes to their homes. Whether you want a full-scale home renovation or to work on the baby’s room, there are some health hazards to you and your baby’s health to consider. 

Let’s go through our home improvement and interior remodeling tips so you and your baby will be safe. 

1. Dust Protection During Work

Keeping yourself protected from dust should be one of your top priorities. Shield yourself and your belongings from the dust of drywall. Cut down on the dust flow by identifying one doorway to be the “walking doorway,” whereas the others will get sealed off. Make sure to cover your furniture and vents so you contain the dust. After the project, make sure to vacuum everything. 

2. Avoid VOC-Based Paints

Check in with a doctor before starting any painting projects. Keep the windows and doors open while painting, so the air can freely flow through the room. Fans can help to keep the air moving. Check the paint label to make sure it doesn’t have any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs can be harmful to your and your baby’s health. 

3. Considerations for Flooring

Flooring is a serious task, especially with a pregnancy in the house. Getting you out of the house for a while while the flooring gets done is the safest route for you and your baby. 

Carpeting is another beast. Animal dander, allergens, and other debris can get kicked up when pulling out an old carpet. Installers use chemicals when laying a new carpet that can be rough on you and your baby that can stick around for weeks or months. Hardwood or tile floors may be the best option for your home in terms of renovation hazards. 

Professional Home Renovators Keep You Safe

Make sure to follow the tips above for your home projects during your pregnancy. Renovations can be tough, but if you take the right steps, your family will be safe. If you need to rest, keep up your health, or stay away from the construction, More for Less Remodeling can help you out. We specialize in helping people get the most out of their property without breaking their budget. We can help you get your home set up for the baby to come while you take it easy. 

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