Things to Consider if You Want to Add a Fireplace During Your Home Remodeling

A fireplace can set a living room apart from the others.Fireplaces seem to have gone the way of the dinosaur - you just don’t see them that much in modern houses. 

More and more people have begun to ask about installing fireplaces in their homes. A fireplace remains an aesthetically pleasing feature of your living room that gives your family both physical and emotional warmth. There are several points you should consider if you think adding a fireplace might be right for your home.

This article will share some of the factors to keep in mind when considering a fireplace installation as part of your home renovation.

1. Project Legality Concerns

There are many restrictions that can stall or prohibit renovations. Some building codes allow for some new construction, but make it so troublesome and expensive that it is not worth the investment. Make sure to look into all aspects of fireplace installation and management, including details on the chimney. 

2. Choosing a Gas or Wood-Burning Fireplace

This is one of the biggest questions you must answer about your future fireplace. Wood fireplaces need a chimney leading to greater costs and a higher risk of prohibitive building codes. However, many people will make several sacrifices for the aesthetics of a wood-burning fireplace.

Then you have the convenient choice of gas. Both the fuel and the venting needs for gas fireplaces make it the much easier choice. A simple pipe is all that you would need instead of a full chimney for the smoke release of your gas fireplace. 

3. Increased Home Value

For each home renovation or remodeling project, make sure you consider the impact the project will have on your home’s overall valuation. Does a fireplace add value to a home? Yes, a fireplace typically adds value to your home. Some areas will prize the fireplace at different levels so make sure to do your research or work with a professional contractor experienced in making these types of improvements.

4. Energy Efficiency Concerns

As with most things, a fireplace can be done an efficient way or not. Many fireplaces draw warm air from inside the room and home to feed the fire, then shoot that hot air up and out the chimney. This ends up raising your heating needs. A sealed unit can draw outdoor air to feed the fire’s combustion making your overall system more efficient. 

Choose an Experienced Contractor for Your Fireplace Installation

A fireplace can make any house feel more like home. Nothing really compares to the rustic crackle of a wood-burning fire or the warm glow of a gas fireplace. Consider More for Less Remodeling for your fireplace installation. Our crew has been in the industry for more than 10 years and is ready to help you have the home you have always wanted.