Top 4 Basement Renovation Themes

An empty basement is bare down to the studs. This is an open area ready for renovations. Blog originally published on October 9, 2019. Updated on February 2, 2023.

When it comes to home remodel projects, the basement of a house is often overlooked and forgotten. In this case, out of sight is definitely out of mind. But it doesn’t have to be! Many homeowners struggle to see the potential, but a basement can be much more than a dim craft room or just a place for your pool table to collect dust. Finishing your basement can bring new chances for you and your family to expand your living space. Plus, with more livable square footage to attract buyers, homeowners get up to 69% of the cost of their basement renovation back when they sell their house. 

Below we'll go through the most popular ideas to finish your basement conversion and create an impressive space. For quality craftsmanship for your basement renovation or other remodeling project, contact More For Less Remodeling today and get a free virtual quote.

A Suite for In-Laws

Many families want to have one or more of their parents live in their home eventually, and a properly finished basement can be the perfect solution. Having a floor dedicated to the in-laws allows for a separate space while having everyone close enough for safety reasons. Walk-out basements are best to cut down on the stairs. During this basement remodeling project, make sure to check with the city if a second kitchen violates any codes.

Home Theater

Don’t waste time going out when you can have a luxury theater downstairs. Create your dream theater for movies or binge your favorite new series in comfort with a theater designed specifically to your tastes. Basements already have few windows to block, allowing you to replicate the darkness of a theater in your new media room. Additionally, you could raise parts of the floor during your basement remodel to have tiered seating. And don’t forget the projector for a bigger screen! Home theaters are increasingly popular remodel options, and with the current state of streaming services, you will never need to worry about what to watch.

Home Gym

Instead of staying in for entertainment, stay home for the workout. Gyms can be expensive with the downpayment and monthly bills. Plus, depending on the season and time of day, they can be tough to get to and crowded when you are there. You can tailor your gym to the types of workouts you like from open hardwood spaces for yoga, shadow boxing, or dance to thin carpeting for stretches or lifting. 

Kids’ Zone

Many families want a separate space for their kids to hang out. From toddlers with their toys to teenagers and their video games, a different area can be good for the kids to play with their parents or their peers. Keep areas of your home focused by creating a dedicated space for your kids to do their thing. Get creative with your playroom: your basement walls can be converted into handy pegboard storage or even a rock climbing wall!

For More Basement Remodeling Ideas, Contact More For Less Remodeling

No matter your goals, the basement contractors at More For Less Remodeling can help give you the basement you have always wanted. From design to construction, we have the skill and knowledge to get your project done and uncover gorgeous additional living space in your home. Trust our creative team to do a fantastic job and give you a space that suits your family's lifestyle.

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